Baobab Releases

Baobab 4.29

  • Updated clear formatting function to not remove embedded media and social elements
  • Content API upgrades for content syndication
  • Usability improvements to the Media Library when viewing asset details
  • Tags and trends base functionality

Baobab 4.28

  • Article edit: caption field now clickable so that entire caption text visible when editing
  • Ability to set image ‘alt text’ (description) for SEO purposes
  • Ability to edit uploaded media albums in the media library (DAM)
  • API upgrades for content syndication

Baobab 4.27

  • ‘Show mine’ checkbox in Baobab editorial – allows users to easily find their own content
  • Support for importing PRS print section content
  • Warning message when changing the primary section of published article
  • Sending Baobab content ID to WordPress
  • Ability to share to connected mobile apps via Push Notification
  • eBizRadio podcast ingestor

Baobab 4.26

  • Added release notes to login screen
  • Image thumbnails on PDF search
  • Upgraded article body ‘Clear Formatting’ feature – to ensure article text is SEO friendly
  • Support for WhatsApp audio files (.ogg)
  • Fixed bug when adding related articles on a copied / cloned story
  • Baobab release notes now available on login screen

Baobab 4.25

  • PDF page lookup in the media library
  • Ability to set multiple Twitter / Facebook share accounts per Baobab section
  • Download media button in media library
  • Improved error messaging relating internet connection status
  • Improved video and image details view in media library
  • Fixed issue preventing cloning of articles from media library search

Baobab 4.24

  • Washington Post wire feed
  • Featured image upgrades on Media tab
    • Ability to set a media image to ‘Featured’
    • Validation on image aspect ratio
    • Ability to set image focal point (optional)
  • Content tags limited per title
  • Support for embedding audio files in articles